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Our Services

Authors can avail add on premium services related to designing, editing, distribution, promotion and other essential services as per the requirement of their book or services that are not included in the package.


Designing Services

Authors can take advantage of add-on services related to designing the cover and inner pages of the book according to their requirement, more attractive or according to their theme.

Editing Services

Copy Editing

Authors can avail the benefits of typesetting, proofing, copy editing, hindi & english typing on add-on services as per their requirement. Which are available at a very low fee.



You can promote your book through various resources, so that your book reaches as many people as possible. Under this, paid add-on services are available to all authors.

Copyright & ISBN

Author can secure content with Copyright

We also apply copyright for the author’s book on behalf of the author. So that all the contents of the author’s book are protected. Whereas, ISBN is absolutely free in all schemes.


Editing Services

Authors can sell their books in more than 140+ countries through our distribution partners. To avail this add on service the author has to opt in and pay the service fee.

PR Services


Under PR add on services, you can convey the information of your book to the readers through news. Along with this, authors can also take advantage book review service.

Would you like to take advantage of any add on services for your book? Please write to us at