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Prachi Digital Publication is fastest growing self publishers and our headquartered at Nainital, Uttarakhand. We offer hassle free self publishing services & distribution services to indian authors.

To start the book publishing process, contact the official phone numbers of Prachi Digital Publication. ☏ : +91-9760417980 (WhatsApp/Call), +91-9760418103 (Call Only)

After receiving the author’s manuscript, the book is published by Prachi Digital Publication at least within 30 to 45 working days and the author’s copies are delivered within about 7-10 working days after the books are printed. If the author does not give consent for the printing of his book within thirty days, or the author takes more than thirty working days to correct the errors, then in such a situation the book publication may take a longer time limit.

There are many types of publishing, mainly self-publishing, traditional publishing and partnered publishing being the most popular publishing options. If you aspire to become a author, you should be aware of the different types of publishing options.


In this form of publishing, the author gets his book published by paying the self-publishing publisher for his services. In this form the author has complete control over his book. Like, when should the book be released, what should the book look like, what should be the price, etc. In this form of publishing, the author’s book is published in a very short time according to the author’s time. This type of publishing is best for authors who want complete control over the publishing process and all rights related to the book. In this form, the biggest fact is that the author’s manuscript is never rejected, because the author publishes the book by making his own investment.

Traditional Publishing

In this form of publishing, established publishers peruse manuscripts received from authors either directly or through literary agents. Occasionally, the publisher may reject the author’s manuscript. Authors pay in advance (occasionally) after their manuscript is selected. After the manuscript is selected, the publisher publishes the book. After editing, proof reading, design, pagination, print and distribute the book in an already established market. Thereafter the author gets royalty after receiving the revenue from the sale of the book on an annual basis. In this form of publishing, the author does not have to pay any kind of publishing charge. In traditional publishing, it takes six months to a year for the author’s book to be published.

Partnered Publishing

In this form of publishing, the publishing process remains the same as in traditional publishing. But in this form of publishing, traditionally successful published authors are confident that their book will sell well. In such a situation, the authors invest while reducing the investment of the publisher. In this form of publishing, authors often bargain for better royalties or may work on parts of the publishing process to get a quicker return of investment. In most cases, author’s partially or completely take care of marketing. Or, they take care of the pre-press stages or media relations. Sometimes authors have the ability to sell a large number of books themselves, so they buy many books in advance, invest with the publisher, and share the revenue instead of a small royalty. In this form of publishing, the author’s books are often available at a lower MRP, which gives them the ability to connect with more readers.

First of all let us tell you that Prachi Digital Publication is a Self Publishing Service Provider, not a Best Seller Service Provider or Bookseller and nor do we give any guarantee to be the best seller of any author’s book. As a Self Publishing Service Provider, we only guarantee that your book will never go out of stock, and also guarantee payment of royalty within the stipulated time frame as per the Self Publishing Service Agreement.

Also note, Prachi Digital Publication do not guarantee the sale of the author’s book, because We can not control the subjective purchasing decisions of consumers or booksellers. We make no guarantees or promises as to the minimum success of the services or the amount of book sales which may result from any or all of the services. Therefore, If the author’s book is not sold then there is no responsibility for Prachi Digital Publication. According to another fact, online store such as Flipkart, Amazon, also do not give any guarantee of sales to the publisher.

When an author creates a manuscript, an experienced self-publisher is needed to market the author’s manuscript. Experienced self-publishers professionally print the author’s manuscript in book form and deliver it to the readers through their distribution network. As an example, an author who only has a manuscript ready. But the author will need services such as cover designing, typesetting, print and distribution services to get his manuscript printed in book form and delivered to the reader. Apart from this, the author’s book also needs unlimited stock management, so that the author’s book never goes out of stock and the readers can buy the author’s book anytime. All such important self publishing services are required to be paid by the author.

First of all you must know that self-publishing is not a business in which the author can get profit with the cost of publishing the book within a given time frame. ROI works differently for each author according to their hard work and marketing plans. Some writers can achieve their ROI within a few months working on their marketing and promotion strategy and while most writers are not able to achieve ROI even after many years without any strategy. Despite all this, we are committed to taking your book to our readers through a distribution partner.

All rights to the author’s book will remain with the author. Prachi Digital Publications exists to market the author’s book through distributor partners, we work as a publisher between the author and the reader. We work with a non-exclusive self-publishing publishing agreement, which means that Prachi Digital Publication does not own any of your content and you may publish it elsewhere if you wish.

We prefer accepting the work in Word format well typed in Hindi Fonts Kruti dev 010 or Mangal or Nirmala UI or Mangal or Unicode. If you want to our typist type your hand written manuscript you can send a copy or photocopy by india post / courier or Get it scanned by computer scanner at 300 dpi and send it by e-mail.

All the material you wish us to edit, must be sent as a part of the submission. A tentative indication is below; please feel free to submit whatever you think should be a part of your work, all components are not mandatory:

• Acknowledgements
• Dedication
• Table of contents
• Prologue
• About the author
• About the book: A tentative back cover blurb (which goes on the back of the book) – Preferably within 1800 characters.
• References, Citations, Credits and Permissions used
• Glossary of terms
• Short notes marked along with context
• The full manuscript of your book

Author will get 100% net profit share as royalty on each book sold. The Net Profit (Royalty) is calculated after deduction of production cost and distribution cost charges by individual distribution channel or sales partners and taxes. The Net Profit (Royalty) is calculated as : Net Profit (Royalty) = MRP – Distribution Cost – Production Cost and Taxes. Finally, author will get 100% of the net profits (Royalty) from the sale of each copy of the book.

The selling price of a book is dependent on its production cost. The Royalty Calculate feature on the Prachi Digital Publication website helps you know the Author Copy Cost, Author Profit & Maximum Retail Price of your book based on the Number of Pages & Book Size. With this, you can calculate and set the Maximum Retail Price of your Paperback Book according to the profit and calculate your estimated net profit yourself. And you can also get information about the subsidized cost price at which additional books will be made available to the author.

Kindly note that all self publishing plans offered by Prachi Digital Publication is applicable for book size 5.5 in x 8.5 in and full B/W interior and interior paper is 60-70 GSM White or Natural-Shade paper and cover page is 230-250 GSM. If the size of the book is more than 5.5 in x 8.5 in then there will be additional charges. Royalty / MRP Calculator available on our website is applicable for book size 5.5 in x 8.5 in, 6 in x 9 in, 8 in x 11 in and full B/W interior and interior paper is 60-70 GSM White or Natural-Shade paper and full color cover page is 230-250 GSM.

The publisher shall provide the author with a quarterly statement detailing net copies sold and net revenues after publication of the works, along with quarterly royalty payments details. Reports and payments shall be delivered to the Author by the Publisher no later than the final business day of each calendar quarterly on an ongoing basis. The reports will be delivered to Author electronically via Excel, pdf document or text file.

Publisher shall pay author all royalties earned on a quarterly basis, within sixty (60) working days after the end of each calendar quarter in which the Author earned a royalty. Payment of royalties to the author will be done by NEFT/RTGS. Royalty payment deadline by Prachi Digital Publication is as follows- January – March royalty payment within sixty (60) working after the end of March month, April – June royalty payment within sixty (60) working after the end of June month, July – September Royalty payment will be made within sixty (60) working after the end of September month, Royalty payment for October – December will be made within sixty (60) working after the end of December month.

The inventory is Print-On-Demand (POD) based on sales velocity to ensure that the book does not go out of stock. We always maintain a small stock and keep printing as per demand. Due to which books are available from time to time to the readers according to their demand. Our experts keep a close check on the sales trend and reinstate the stock as soon as it threatens to run out. Additionally, Prachi Digital Publication also works with its various print partners across the country to make sure your book is printed and delivered to your buyer within the turn around time. This ensures that the latest version of your book is always available when readers order it from the various eCommerce sites.

Print on Demand (POD) is a printing technology and process in which one or smaller quantities or thousands of copies of an author’s book can be printed in a short period of time. The author’s book is never out of stock under the print on demand printing technology.

Author just need to pay the Additional Copies Cost (Subsidized Cost) and shipping charges. After payment is received for additional copies, We will print and deliver additional copies to the address provided by author. Minimum number of additional copies per order must be 32, otherwise additional copies will not be available at Additional Copies Cost (Subsidized Cost). Printing and shipment process takes a time of 15-25 working days.

The first version of the book will be live on Amazon and Flipkart within a period of 15 to 90 working days depending on the existing workload after the books are printed. The subsequent versions will be live thereafter within the next 15 to 60 working days.

Through us it is very easy to sell book among readers all over the world. Global distribution is available in our premium plans, whereas the introductory plans do not include this feature. Authors can avail Global Distribution service as an add-on service by paying an additional fee. The author’s book is made available for sale globally through over 39,000 Independent bookstores, Online stores, Chain stores, Ebook retailers, Libraries, Universities. 

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It is our endeavor to make the author’s book available for sale as soon as possible, but we have to work according to the standards set by international book retailers. Due to which it takes 90 – 180 working days for the author’s book to be available for sale globally. If the distribution partner has a heavy workload at times, it could also take longer.

As per most copyright laws globally, if you have created something unique as an art form, you own the copyrights of the same. Once the same is brought to the public domain, it establishes your copyright over the material. While that being the case, one may seek to register her/his copyright with a copyright registering authority as per the laws of your land.

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 13-digit number that’s used internationally as a unique identifier for books. ISBN also identifies the publisher of the book. It is the standard ID number used to identify books by booksellers, libraries, book wholesalers, and distributors. If you plan to sell your book in bookstores, to libraries, or through online retailers like, you will need an ISBN. ISBNs are issued to publishers, who then assign them to individual books. This can be done at any time, even before the book is written. ISBN is mandatory if you wish to list and sell it via retailers; if you wish to have the book only for private circulation the ISBN is not necessary.

As per the ISBN authorities, the eBook and paperback versions should have different ISBNs. A few retailers carry the same ISBN, while most prefer not to. We strongly recommend separate ISBNs.

Yes. we will be happy to facilitate the transition. We will help with all the files you need to request from the previous publisher, but we will not be able to interface directly with the previous publisher to get your files, as we are not authorized to do so.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to meet any author personally in our office. However, we are committed to cooperate with all authors at any time by telephone and e-mail. We are based in Nainital, Uttarakhand, but our entire publishing process is online including publishing consultant, manuscript submission and Agreement signing. Author copies of the book will be sent to you via courier or india post. So you do not need to come to our office for any work related to publishing or other any reason.

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