How to self publish your book in India

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How to self publish your book in India

How to publish a book? This question often comes to the mind of all new authors. Let us tell you that it is very easy to publish a book with Prachi Digital Publication. Here the whole process of book publishing is being explained step by step. Which will be beneficial for every author, who is thinking to get the book published.

Prepare your Manuscript

First of all the author has to do this task that his manuscript should be completely typed in the file of MS Word. Author should then do a thorough proof reading of manuscript, so that after the publication of the book, his book does not have any wording errors. The author can also take the help of experienced and professional proof readers for good proof reading of the book. For which proof readers work for a prescribed fee.

Choose a Publishing Plan

After proofreading of your book is complete, your book is now ready for the next stage of publication. Now author can choose any one of the Self Publishing Schemes operated by Prachi Digital Publication according to your budget. If self publishing plans are not according to your budget or requirement, you can request for other customised plans through a discussion on the publisher’s official phone number at +91-9760417980. Details will be made available to you by preparing customised plans as per your requirement by Prachi Digital Publication.

Submit You Manuscript

After selecting the Self Publishing plan, you should share your manuscript on the official e-mail of Prachi Digital Publication. Along with this, you need to share your photo and detailed author introduction for the back cover of the book. Now the work on your book will be started and in about 10-15 days you will be share the cover and PDF of the book for your perusal.

Book Cover Design and Layout work Start

If you have missed any wording errors in your book, then you can inform Prachi Digital Publication directly by calling or e-mailing them so that the word errors in your book can be rectified. From our side, you will be re-share PDF after correcting the inaccuracies in the words.

Pre-press Process

Now if approval is received from your side, then your book will be processed by us for print. If you miss any other word errors in the book, you can let us know again, so that we can share you a new revised PDF, correcting the rest of the textual errors in your book. The print process of the book takes an estimated 15 to 20 days. Sometimes books are printed in less time due to less work load.

Book Print and Listing

After the books are printed, the author’s books are delivered to the address provided by author. Along with this, books are also processed for listing on online marketplaces Amazon and Flipkart. Listing in online marketplaces takes a minimum of two days and a maximum of twenty-five days.

In this way, in a few steps, your book gets published after completing the design, layout, print process and becomes available to the readers on the online marketplace.

Sit Back and Earn Royalty

Now the last task of the author is to sit comfortably, spread the book through his friends and family members and get royalty on the sale of each book. Be it the sale of one book of the author or the sale of a thousand books, royalty is provided to each author from time to time by Prachi Digital Publication.

Hope you like the information provided by us. We look forward to having the privilege of publishing your book.